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IN2MC Sanctuary (Sensual and Soulful poetry)

IN2MC Sanctuary (Sensual and Soulful poetry)

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Words. Poetry.  Magic.  Love.

Words are moments of medicine.

Poetry is blissfully necessary.

Magic is simply fabulous.

Love is inside of each one of us.  If we allow it.

When words, poetry, magic and love flow from and/or toward your soul, your spirit, your inner being, they serve a magnificent purpose and that is to teach, uplift, encourage, enlarge and/or inspire. These gifts can be packaged with enormous meaning, be found in multiple writings, and be cherished for ages to come.

Sanctuary is written to help.  It is written with love to enable those who believe they need some help.  Those who are open to receive.

Find a piece that speaks to your admiration for him.  Take a photo with your smart phone.  Send a poem to her later today and tell her that this piece you are sending her reminded you of her love.  Run a bath, pour some wine and read bits from this book to one another while soft music plays in the background.  Recite one of the poems to your son when he is getting married, read one of the poems to your girlfriend during her birthday celebration, write out the words on a farewell card to a colleague that you felt deeply connected to.

Whichever way you would like to use Sanctuary, it is written for you.

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