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Physical Address : Midstream Estate

We would LOVE for you to engage and work with us! 


When we started IN2MC, we had a clear vision:  To really make a difference in the world of intimacy and to empower, educate and provide quality products, services and offerings that will create meaningful and memorable moments that feed into healthy and wholesome romantic relationships. 

Does this resonate with you?  If so, read on… 

We would like to invite you to share in this dream.  Should you be interested to explore opportunities, we have two options for you to connect with our fast-growing business:


Become an Ambassador:

  • Ambassadors will be responsible for creating events and for building their own network of Event Hosts.
  • They will provide education and products sales at these events.  The IN2MC Events is the platform where we showcase the products and educate our potential clients on what we have to offer.  Events are done with class and style and aimed at a market who shares this preference.
  • Ambassadors will become part of our dynamic team of like-minded people. 
  • They would have been carefully selected to ensure that our IN2MC values and culture is adhered to without compromise.
  • An Ambassador will be required to represent our brand and vision.  They will be required to live, and uphold the company values and be a true representation of an individual passionate to educate and change perception.
  • Ambassadors will receive the necessary training and guidance to equip them to operate on the required level and will be supported in any way possible and required. 


Our commission structure:

    Total Sales to Qualify Monthly

    % Commission Earned

    R3 200,00 – R17 500,00


    R17 501,00 – R28 000,00


    R28 001,00 – R34 000,00


    R34 001,00 >



    Become an Event Host: 

    • Should the idea of building your own business not appeal to you or perhaps you do not have time or capacity for this option, you could still get involved by becoming a HOST for us. 
    • A host plays the role of a mediator and enabler within their own network of friends, colleagues and connections.
    • Plan and organize events at a preferred venue and manage invitations.  This includes any consumables (food and drinks)
    • A host does not have to know the products, only enable an Ambassador to fulfil this function.
    • Hosts would receive a small gift of gratitude for this effort.
    • A host may decide to become an Ambassador. 

    We would LOVE for you to engage and work with us!

    Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!  Get in contact with us as soon as you can and let us start making a difference with greater impact. 

    Contact us today!

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