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Our Vision

We enable and empower intimacy and sensuality globally through a wide range of delightful offerings.

At IN2MC we offer a wide range of delightful products and services that aim to:

  • Promote healthy and wholesome romantic relationships
  • Address relational challenges and constraints
  • Facilitate deep and meaningful conversations through online programmes, events and workshops regarding a variety of subjects relating to intimacy, intra- and interpersonal dynamics, and how to maintain healthy connections.

We are aware that there are various differing cultural beliefs and views around sexual topics and often, are doomed or silenced.  However, this often leads to misconstrued concepts often formed because of (at times hurtful) experiences or other people’s opinions only. Our aim is not to change a person’s cultural belief system, but rather to broaden perspective and provide a safe space to share, question and learn.

Our intention is therefore to create a platform to discuss, educate, gauge and add value toward wellness, insights, and progressive understanding whilst also promoting self-love, healing, and an ability to function optimally.

Our ambassador and business partners are hand-selected – people with the same values and drive as we have – suitable to strengthen us in our vision and with the same heartbeat as ours.

Invite us into your world.  We want to play a pivotal role in empowering you to make informed decisions as you aspire to live your best life – personally and/or romantically.


  Dr. Catherine van Heerden

Catherine is driven by her passion for people and her obsession with adding value to Business, Corporates, Entrepreneurs and Individuals. She holds a Doctorate degree in Psychology – The Science of Human Transformation processes. She developed a therapy model titled ‘Getting Unstuck’. This is through a University in the UK.

She founded a training and development business in 1996 called Thinking Dynamics which offers a wide variety of training programmes in the areas of business strategy, facilitation, leadership development and improved team performance. Dr. Catherine is an internationally accredited master trainer for Dr. Edward de Bono in South Africa. Dr. de Bono is an internationally renowned teacher and author in the areas of thinking and innovation. She has worked with various corporations such as the JSE, Coca Cola, The Foschini Group, South African Reserve Bank, Nedbank Ltd. Standard Bank, Sasol, John Deere, Emerald Casino Hotel, Novo Nordisk, Hollard, WBHO Construction, Unisa, University of Pretoria, Oceana Group  and many others. The value Catherine brings to her clients is evident in the repeat business and long-term relationships she has formed over the years.

She is delightful and creative as a Speaker / Presenter and has addressed audiences at various local and international conferences and gatherings on a variety of subjects including personal, relational and business transformation. Her work as Business Coach to numerous senior leaders attests to her passion to serve and add value. Catherine is furthermore the designated Psychologist to work with South African Woman’s Magazine on a variety of subjects relating to personal wellness and effectiveness. Catherine has been instrumental in assisting women who have struggled to lose weight and guiding them through a journey she calls ‘Emotional Weight Loss’. She has been a witness to the power of her intervention and how it empowers women to change the way they live and make decisions resulting in inward and outward transformation that is real and sustainable. To further her reach and help more women, Catherine has created a sought-after e-Book which guides women through the journey of emotional weight-loss in a practical way. She has written and published various articles for the magazine. She has furthermore published and co-authored a number of books, one published in the USA.

Her philosophy of life is to travel light and take with you just what you need, inspiration comes as and when you can give it to others and to embrace change as it is sure to happen. She loves her people, the outdoors, new experiences and can land a plane.

Yolande Groenewald

Starting out her career in 1990, Yolande has 30 years working experience. During this time, she worked for various leading CEOs in the South African corporate sector. With valuable business insight and experience, Yolande discovered an entrepreneurial passion. Together with her business partners, she successfully launched and established Wellness Odyssey, a health assessment company that delivers assessments for the second largest medical scheme in South Africa. She is a founding member of Equi Dais, an actionable analytics company in the health and wellness industry, as well as Cloud.e, a beacon technology company that provides innovative solutions to an array of industries.

Yolande is a proven top performer with extensive experience in JSE listed companies. She has a unique blend of managerial and operational expertise, including skills in product development, operations and resource allocation. She is an innovative and inspirational leader, with a proven ability to achieve business growth objectives. Her determined nature – and being challenged in a highly competitive and driven environment, has seen Yolande deliver exceptional results that have consistently exceeded client expectations in all projects she has been responsible for. For the past 15 years, Yolande has also been actively involved in the rewards and wellbeing sector. She was an integral member of the start-up team at Lethimvula Health b-well (Afrocentric Health), and gained further valuable insight and experience in this arena. Yolande was responsible for piloting the rewards programme for Medscheme staff and subsequently joined the wellness team that was tasked to design and developed an integrated wellbeing programme. For the past couple of years Yolande has been involved in 3 start-up businesses as well as heading up the Behaviour Change business unit at EOHCSO responsible for delivering an on-site workplace fitness and lifestyle management programme. Following on she continues to consult in the Health and Wellness space.

Being true to her passion for starting and creating she has partnered with Dr Catherine van Heerden to launch IN2MC focusing on promoting beautiful, healthy relationships.

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